Paintings Gallery

Welcome to my page of wildlife and nature paintings. I have always loved to be near Nature and have always been the creative type from a very young age. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, I moved with my family many times as a youngster within Atlantic Canada and Ontario and was fortunate to have many encounters with wildlife and to experience the beauty of nature.
I am completely self-taught. My wildlife subjects are inspired by reference books, the internet and by my own photographs. I paint using acrylics on board as well as watercolor, usually beginning with the eye and once that comes to life on the board I proceed with the rest of the painting.
I am an avid believer in the protection of wildlife and wilderness habitat. I am dedicated to promoting the protection of all creatures. I have donated works to associations that aide in the awareness, protection and rehabilitation of wildlife. I also was volunteer at the Hope for Wildlife Centre in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, which rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife which gives me the opportunity to get close to a wide range of wild animals and do my part to help these beautiful creatures in distress. It is a truly remarkable feeling when a wild animal that arrived injured and helpless can be released back into the wild healthy, happy and ready to live out it’s life the way nature intended.
I live now in Gaetz Brook, Nova Scotia, with my husband Michael and two very large and gentle German Shepherds. There is plenty of wildlife and Nature around for me to appreciate and I find great peace, balance and inspiration here.